As the internet revolution rolls on, it continues to facilitate new and more efficient methods of doing business.

Obtaining intellectual property protection online is now catching on, with Baxter IP soon to implement the facility to do business with you regarding obtaining your patent application, online. As a streamlined process, this will save you both trouble and time.

Why do I need a patent attorney?

Whether a patent will be truly effective in keeping competitors away from your idea depends, amongst other things, on the quality of drafting of the patent application and to what extent it is drafted to anticipate ways in which copiers might try to get around it.

It is critically important to spend the time identifying the angles that competitors may come from and covering the idea as thoroughly as possible from the outset. The risk of spending significant amounts of money on patenting your idea, only to be side-stepped by a clever copier at the last moment, needs to be mitigated as much as possible.

The long and technical process of prosecuting a patent application internationally and in each individual country is also lined with pitfalls for the inexperienced. Deadlines are strict and the application process can be a mass of confusion! It is thus vitally important to have your patent application professionally managed by a patent attorney.

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